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The All New DXN Handmade Smashed Mushroom Burger

handmade smashed burger
Dburger logo 2023-10-06

Plant-Based, Guilt Free & Nutritious!


After 10 years of research and a mission for a healthier planet, DXN introduces handmade smashed mushroom burger - DXN D'Burger! A plant-based burger, that is guilt free and nutritious! It contains NO ADDITIVES, NO ARTIFICIAL COLORING, and NO PRESERVATIVES!

Saving the world starts from your dining plate! With this healthier choice, you can help reduce deforestation, enjoy cleaner air, reduce pollution and eat less meat! It's suitable for those who are vegan and practice a healthy lifestyle!

The Health Benefits of Plant-Based Burgers

In recent years, the culinary landscape has witnessed a remarkable shift towards plant-based alternatives, with plant-based burgers emerging as a delicious and nutritious alternative to traditional meat-based counterparts. As more individuals seek healthier and sustainable food options, the benefits of plant-based burgers have come to the forefront, showcasing a plethora of advantages for both personal well-being and the environment.

Plant-based burgers are not just a trendy culinary choice; they represent a conscious and wholesome approach to nourishing our bodies while addressing environmental concerns. Embracing these alternatives is a step towards a healthier lifestyle, promoting personal well-being, and contributing to a more sustainable future for the planet. As awareness grows, the plant-based revolution continues to reshape our plates, proving that what's good for our health can also be good for the Earth.


DXN D'Burger has been specially crafted with assorted mushrooms, grains, vegetables and our very own secret sauce!

In addition, as a DXN distributor, you can buy our package and earn PV and SV, which will help boost your health, wealth and happiness!

Package include Items such as Burger stall, griddle, rack, tools, mushroom patties, buns, sauces and wrapping paper.

So let's extend your D'Burger business today! Contact us now!


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